“And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15 (AMP)

Social Ministry

Social ministry is the untapped, often underestimated opportunity the local church has to disciple and change lives through its online platforms.

In order to reach the next generation and keep your members engaged, your Ministry has to have a solid presence in the digital marketplace. Social Ministry is not just social media – Social Ministry encompasses your Ministry’s entire digital footprint.

‘Going into all the world’ has taken on a new connotation – A strong digital presence allows your Ministry to impact the world beyond the pews and the four walls of your church.

Do you have a plan in place that positions your Ministry to operate with a spirit of excellence?


You need a practical, scalable strategy in place. We will help you develop one that positions your ministry for success.


Have a strategy, but unsure of what the next steps are? Let us help you systematically put things into motion!

The Social Media

We have the recipe to the secret sauce that is needed to win on social media. Optimize your social media channels to have the greatest impact on the people you serve.

Staff & Volunteer

Sow into the training and development of those working hard to help you advance the kingdom of God and reap a great harvest!

Social Media

If you do not have the staff or bandwidth to effectively manage your social media, allow us to manage it for you!


You need a cutting-edge website that will lay a solid foundation for your Social Ministry. Our team of developers can help!


What is your plan in the digital space for your next event or conference? You need a strategy, and we can help!

Onsite Coverage

While planning your event, did you consider the mechanics of how onsite coverage will happen? Let us get into the trenches with you to help make your event a success online.

Is your team equipped with the skills, tools and resources needed to support the Ministry online?

It’s time to start minding God’s business through a practical and God-centered approach to the work you do in the digital space.

Mind Your Business has worked with ministries ranging from some of the largest and diverse mega churches to smaller congregations.

The core principles are the same and we are proud to offer a variety of options designed to help meet the needs of your ministry.

Allow us to partner with you in the development of a plan that will help your Social Ministry excel.