A Few Tidbits About IGTV

Hello Friends!

Instagram TV (IGTV) was first introduced in June 2018 and is seeing rapid growth on the platform. We already that vertical video is the trend for how users will consume content on social media, and IGTV is the ideal playground! IGTV is actually a long form video app much like YouTube, but it is accessible within Instagram. These videos are full screen, vertical videos with a time duration of up to an hour. Due to its growth and popularity across many areas of interest, brands are leveraging this platform to make more meaningful connections with their audiences. It is important to build IGTV into your digital strategy as there is much opportunity in this space.

IGTV is giving brands a new opportunity to maximize how they share their ideas, products and services on social media.

IGTV Features

  • Full–screen vertical videos that are mobile friendly
  • Video length can range from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes (60 minutes for influencers)
  • Videos are available inside the Instagram app or on the separate IGTV app
  • Users have the option to follow or view from three categories: brands you are following, recommended for you and popular videos.
  • Audience engagement through likes and comments on the videos uploaded to IGTV
  • Brands and Bloggers can create their own channels (similar to YouTube)

The Instagram algorithm automatically targets specific posts for specific users based on the content they liked or previously watched.

IGTV is an incredible platform for brands to elevate and amplify their message on social media. Video content is about to eclipse the digital arena…develop a plan for IGTV and stay competitive in your industry!

Until next time…keep minding your business!