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Our Founder and CEO, Tisha Holman recently joined the folks at Morning Dose TV to do an Ambush Social Media Makeover and dish a few best practices for social media.

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You may have heard us mention CoSchedule in our Vlog from our Founder and CEO Tisha Holman, called Tisha’s Favorite Things. We thought we would share a few more deets as to why this is a GREAT add to your toolset for your business.

Let’s get into it!

Organize All Your Blog + Social + Email Promotion in ONE Place

Eliminate the endless email threads, piles of sticky notes, and the dozen and half moving pieces. Focus on the real work of writing top-notch content AND growing your audience. Your goal as a business owner should be to ensure your day-to-day operations are efficient and scalable….this helps you accomplish that goal!

Build A Seamless Workflow From Start To Finish

Sync all your favorite tools and social platforms into one place, so you can focus on driving traffic to your blog (not jumping from one tool to the next). CoSchedule integrates with tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, Google Docs, MailChimp, Zapier, and more! And you’ll soon see that CoSchedule will help you erase the need for some of these tools….it really is a one-stop shop!

Oh! By the way….we had a chance to interview Chris Paul, Head of Customer Success at CoSchedule on our Podcast….LISTEN HERE.

Promote Like A Team Of Social Media Experts

  • Eliminate the guesswork In social scheduling. With so much competition, it’s tough to get through the noise. Best Time Scheduling spaces out your messages for maximum coverage, getting your the most social engagement every time.
  • Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. Create a predefined social sharing plan to reuse again and again, so you can focus on creating exceptional content, not manually filling in your social queue.
  • Instantly share content from anywhere on the web. Curate and share content with followers without ever leaving the browser. No more copy/paste commands or switching from one tab to the next!
  • Automatically Re-Use Your Best Social Messages without the manual work. ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses! It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times + finds the gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).


If you are familiar with Mind Your Business, you know we are BIG on data-driven strategy…..

See The ROI Of Your Efforts (And Make Improvements Fast)

  • Refine your social strategy (for every profile) with actionable insight. Track your social performance across multiple profiles so you know what’s working (and what isn’t). Use real-time data to make updates to your social strategy, so you can continue to drive results.
  • Stop guessing at what will (or will not) resonate with your followers.Utilize your social network reports to identify top messages AND create content you know your audience will love.

CoSchedule makes building Social Media Campaigns easy as pie…this tool is really a time-saver!…and it is scalable! It’s a great option for the small business and the enterprise level user!


Seen enough to spark the joy needed to improve your team’s effectiveness? Click HERE to get started!


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Instagram TV (IGTV) was first introduced in June 2018 and is seeing rapid growth on the platform. We already that vertical video is the trend for how users will consume content on social media, and IGTV is the ideal playground! IGTV is actually a long form video app much like YouTube, but it is accessible within Instagram. These videos are full screen, vertical videos with a time duration of up to an hour. Due to its growth and popularity across many areas of interest, brands are leveraging this platform to make more meaningful connections with their audiences. It is important to build IGTV into your digital strategy as there is much opportunity in this space.

IGTV is giving brands a new opportunity to maximize how they share their ideas, products and services on social media.

IGTV Features

  • Full–screen vertical videos that are mobile friendly
  • Video length can range from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes (60 minutes for influencers)
  • Videos are available inside the Instagram app or on the separate IGTV app
  • Users have the option to follow or view from three categories: brands you are following, recommended for you and popular videos.
  • Audience engagement through likes and comments on the videos uploaded to IGTV
  • Brands and Bloggers can create their own channels (similar to YouTube)

The Instagram algorithm automatically targets specific posts for specific users based on the content they liked or previously watched.

IGTV is an incredible platform for brands to elevate and amplify their message on social media. Video content is about to eclipse the digital arena…develop a plan for IGTV and stay competitive in your industry!

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Hello Friends!

Our Founder and CEO, Tisha Holman has released two new books designed to help you elevate and amplify your presence in the digital space! Check them out!


The Social Media Makeover + Digital Templates

The first is The Social Media Makeover: Second Edition. If your business or organization is not playing competitively in the social media arena, then you are leaving money on the table. What changes do you need to implement to your brand’s social media strategy to see a return on your time investment? What are you doing to ensure your brand stands out in the digital marketing and social media spaces? Do you know how to identify and attract qualified talent to your organization? The Social Media Makeover was written to give you proven strategies, tactics and principles that will help you change the trajectory of your social media. Don’t forget the digital templates! You get twelve templates and worksheets that supplement everything you learn in The Social Media Makeover.


The second book is Go Ye Into All The World Wide Web. ‘Going into all the world’ has taken on a new connotation. In order to reach the next generation and keep your members engaged, your ministry has to have a solid presence in the digital marketplace. A strong digital presence allows your ministry to impact the world beyond the pews. Tisha shares how you can develop a practical digital marketing plan for your church while maintaining a God-inspired approach to the work.

Head to the “Shop” tab of the site to order yours today!

Until next time….keep minding your business!

Hello Friends!

I am very excited about the launch of my new book, Go Ye Into All The World Wide Web. In the book, I discuss the idea of churches, pastors and leaders approaching their efforts to build their digital footprint from a different perspective. Instead of digital marketing, it is Social Ministry.

To me, Social Ministry goes beyond social media – it encompasses a ministry’s entire digital presence: website, email, apps, podcasts and social media.

Here is an excerpt from Go Ye Into All The World Wide Web where I delve into this concept a bit deeper:

We are living in different times. In order to reach the next generation and keep your members engaged, your ministry has to have a solid presence in the digital marketplace. “Going into all the world” has taken on a new connotation: a strong digital presence allows your ministry to impact the world beyond the pews. Do you have a plan in place that positions your ministry to operate with a spirit of excellence? Is your team (both staff and volunteers) equipped with the skills, tools, and resources needed to support the ministry online? 

I have worked with many organizations, large and small, that see the value of digital marketing and social media in today’s competitive marketplace. I have sat at conference tables with some of the most talented marketing professionals developing robust strategies to accomplish the goals of the organization in a variety of industry verticals. While I am a staunch advocate for this process, I think it should be approached differently in the church. When it comes to impacting lives for the kingdom of God, the bottom line should be souls, not traditional marketing deliverables. Now don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a business side to churches venturing into the digital arena. Inherently, having an online presence comes with additional operational costs and a skilled staff to make things happen. However, it is my position that in the midst of the operational costs, staffing needs and the monetization possibility of this work, the main thing needs to stay the main thing: The Great Commission.

So, let’s define social ministry. Social ministry is the untapped, often underestimated opportunity the local church has to disciple and change lives through its online platforms. The task is great, but the plan is simple. The following pages will give you the framework you need to develop a solid plan for your ministry in the digital arena. The plan will give you insights from two perspectives: practical tactics, concepts and mechanics, and the more God-inspired impact you can have through social ministry. You need the information that defines the practical needs to implement the principles I will explain. However, with that comes how things can be implemented in a way that still allows you to approach the work in alignment with what God has called you to do.

Your church’s social ministry should ultimately be an extension of everything that is going on within the four walls of your building. Advancements in modern technology have given you the power to reach far beyond the pews! Once you have a strong foundation laid, build upon it by developing ministry-centric campaigns that have a primary objective to touch souls and enrich the lives of the people you serve. Prepare to mind God’s business in the digital space.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to go into all the world and spread the gospel. Do not lose sight of that and I surmise you will stand in awe of the ways God will enlarge your territory, just as he did Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

Order your copy of the book today by visiting the “Shop” tab.

Until next time…keep minding GOD’s business as you build your Social Ministry!


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It’s my Birthday today and I thought this would be a great time to share some of my absolute favorite things related to the wonderful world of digital marketing with you to celebrate!

Let’s get into it!

  1. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is my favorite social media scheduling tool! It makes managing social media stress-free and offers much, much more than just scheduled posts! Check it out here:
  2. Canva – You no longer have to be a pro graphic designer to create winning content for your digital presence! Canva has a huge database of templates you can use and modify, that already perfectly sized for any project.
  3. Dropbox – Dropbox is the perfect content repository for all of your images, video and important documents. I love Dropbox because it helps me keep everything neat, tidy and easy to manage!
  4. Cami Cakes Cupcakes – So, this isn’t really related to digital marketing, but the cupcakes here are so amazing I could not leave them off of the list of my favorite things…and it is my birthday! What is my favorite flavor? I’m glad you asked – Sweet Potato! Lucky for you, they ship these yummy confections…order some and thank me later!
  5. Legend – Legend is a great app that allows to create motion graphics, easy peasy lemon squeasy! It was love at first sight! Look for it in your device’s app store.
  6. CoSchedule – I like CoSchedule because it is a one-stop shop for marketing teams and helps them stay super organized and super productive! I am all about simplifying processes for the organizations I help…this tool is a winner!
  7. LipSync – Okay, another one not related to digital marketing. LipSync is my daughter Sydney’s Lip Gloss line! Of course, she has to be on the list of my favorite things! Go check her site out!
  8. Evernote – This is not your Mother’s note taking app…there is so much more to it, and I love using this tool. What is my favorite feature? Webclipper – go to and learn more about it!
  9. LastPass – Credential Management is one area in which I see many organizations need to improve! LastPass helps you control access to your digital accounts and maintain good password hygiene. Learn more
  10. The Ring Light – The Ring Light is my secret weapon for creating awesome video content. Wondering how people’s YouTube videos look so great, and you know they are at home filming…it’s the power of good lighting!

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We are excited to share that we have just launched a podcast called, You Need To Mind Your Business!

You Need To Mind Your Business is a weekly podcast that gives entrepreneurs tips, tools, and resources they can use to elevate their business in the areas of: Digital Marketing, Social Media and Branding.

Expect insights on best practices, the insider scoop on emerging trends, new applications, and more!

Look forward to engaging conversations with expert guests, and other surprises along the way! The podcast is LIVE – get caught up on the episodes you missed and subscribe!

For your listening pleasure, simply click the link below to catch the podcast on your favorite platform!

Google Podcasts



Pocket Casts




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It’s the beginning of a new year, and you know what that means! New and exciting things to plan for in the digital marketplace! Take a look at this list of things to plan for and keep your eye on as we kick off another year!

Let’s get into it!

  1. Video – It has been projected that eighty percent of the content we consume on social media will be video by the year 2020 (wow, that is next year!). Seventy-two percent of businesses say video has increased their conversions – sounds like an area of your digital strategy worth focusing on to me!
  2. Voice – “Alexa, Who should I call to help me with my digital strategy?” This year, we can expect an increase of customers using voice search to find the information they need. It is estimated that fifty percent of all searches will be via voice by 2020. A great way to prepare for this trend is to optimize your SEO strategy beyond keywords. Use phrases that one would say when doing a voice search in your digital copy.
  3. Bots – There’s a bot for that! I’m sure you have seen it, but if not, more and more companies are using bots to communicate with clients and customers. Bots are a great tactic to use for responding to basic customer service questions, social messaging, and warming up leads before they find their way into your funnel.
  4. Micro-Influencers – Celebrities and big-name influencers are still a very useful tool for channel growth and sales. However, this year, it is all about the micro-influencer. Leverage the power of the lesser known locals in your industry who have highly engaged audiences – you’ll get more bang for your buck!
  5. Visual Search – More folks are uploading images of the things they use most to source valuable information. Visual searches are providing product reviews, advising where items are available for purchase, updating contacts and much more!
  6. Stories – Snapchat started it, Facebook & Instagram popularized it and now YouTube is taking them to the next level with Reels. If you have more than 10k subscribers on YouTube, check this out! Reels have their own tab and allow you to add filters, music, text overlays and more! The cool part is they are not ephemeral – they won’t expire. On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is placing a big focus on Stories and ephemeral content this year. Expect to see more development and enhancement in 2019.
  7. Groups and Communities – Look to developing highly targeted Facebook Groups and Communities to engage your clients on a much deeper level. Facebook is also continually enhancing this space – and it is the perfect way for you to build a brand in demand!
  8. Micro-Moments – “New consumer behavior” as termed by Google, micro-moments deliver your marketing message in a way that is of interest to consumers. People spend an average of 3.5 hours using their phones daily, and that number is on the rise. Be sure you are serving them content they care about seeing.
  9. Personalized Interactions – This is simple. Technology is far too advanced for you to not be leveraging Google Analytics and retargeting campaigns to interact with people who visit your website, join your email list, and follow your social media channels in a more intelligent way.
  10. Authenticity & Transparency – Gone are the days of canned and curated social media timelines or highly produced personas of CEO’s. People want to see real, behind the scenes moments from the brands they love, and they want to see more from the people that run them.

Until next time…keep minding your business!

What happens when people click the links on your social media pages? Do you have all of your businesses contact information listed? According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing and 40% of those people will visit a competitors website instead. Don’t let business opportunities pass you by because your website (or any of your company’s Digital Properties) has dead links, bad or missing contact information.

I was inspired to share on this topic because of an experience I had trying to make an appointment at a Hair Salon. The Stylist I was trying to make an appointment with came highly recommended and I loved the pictures I saw of her work, but the only method of contact she had was an email address. It took her almost a week to answer my email – Needless to say, by the time she responded, I had found another Stylist and my hair was cut, colored and coiffed to perfection!

As Business Owners, you cannot let even one potential client slip through the cracks because of something like a lack of contact information on your Digital Properties. Don’t get so caught up in daily operations that you miss the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship! Take the time to develop and implement Systems that allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine. If you find yourself too busy to respond to client inquiries in a timely fashion, it may be time to hire help! The “pain spots” in your business may be telling you it’s time for growth! Don’t be afraid of growth, in fact you should be planning and projecting for it!

Mind Your Business!